Electra Japonas is the co-founder of the oneNDA Club, a peer-to-peer, legal community led initiative to create a universally standardised NDA contract.

Tired of wasting precious time and resource reviewing NDAs, which all more or less said the same thing in slightly different ways, and which added almost zero value, Electra and her co-founder, Roisin Noonan, conceived the oneNDA club as a way to reduce legal work, increase transparency and speed up business dealings.

Electra worked for over ten years in various large organisations in commercial legal roles, and is now founder and CEO of her own legal consultancy firm, The Law Boutique. Her experience has given her a passion for legal design and optimisation, and a staunch belief that there must be a better way than the current NDA contract review process.

Since its inception in February of this year, the oneNDA has garnered incredible support, with over 1,000 sign ups to the oneNDA club. Committee members include in-house counsel from companies such as UBS, Coca Cola, EY, Airbus and more.