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The rise of fintech has dramatic implications across multiple areas of business and personal life. The impact of new technology on the centuries-old traditions of banking and finance goes far beyond the walls of the financial marketplace

From disrupting established supply chains and enabling more even capital allocation, to enabling greater financial inclusion and contributing to the growth of a borderless, digital economy, its potential should not be underestimated. Much less the opportunity

As the shake out between traditional banks and fintech innovators rattles on, the first New Statesman Fintech Summit discusses some of the important questions that need to be answered as the global digital economy enters a new, pivotal phase.

As one of a handful of early global fintech clusters, and despite advancing competition from Asia and regional fintech hubs in Europe, the UK’s fintech ecosystem, and highly-respected regulatory regime, are well placed to be at the centre of the debate, and the rules-and standards-setting needed to realise the true promise of fintech for the digital age:

  • How, and who, should police the data that is stored, shared and distributed between an ever-expanding network?
  • How can fintech deliver on the promise of faster, fairer, more efficient financial services?
  • What progress has been made in building a financial services marketplace that reflects wider trends in society – that does good and is not just good-intentioned?
  • And what role should the regulator play in ensuring fintech for all is not a free-for-all?

Based on four connected themes – De-centralisation, Domains, Distribution & Direction – the Fintech Summit discusses the implications of emerging technology and distributed networks on the future of the digital economy. Considering key questions of regulation and governance, access to finance and data management,the Summit debates the future of the digital financial marketplace, and the future of the UK and Europe’s role in fintech, as the centre of financial gravity shifts inexorably eastwards.


Why Attend?

Sponsors / Exhibitors
will have an opportunity to …

  • Network with potential clients and partners
  • Get face-to-face time with your target audience
  • Promote your brand as an innovator and thought leader
  • Showcase your product to, decision Makers, industry leaders and encourage delegates to use your services

will have a chance to…

  • ask questions, receive advice
  • find innovative Fintech services, solutions and insight
  • understand future trends in your industry
  • take part in dedicated networking opportunities
  • see the latest technology and innovations in your sector
  • hear senior speakers sharing case studies and insight across key industry sectors

Sector focus:
Financial Services industry including:

  • Retail and commercial banks
  • investment banks
  • internet banks
  • insurance companies
  • mortgage companies
  • savings and loans associations

Delegate Attendees Include

  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Platform Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Directors/Heads of Innovation
  • Directors/Heads of Payments
  • Director/Heads of Data Analytics
  • Director/Heads of Digital Development
  • Director/Heads Digital Transformation
  • Director/Heads Customer Experience
  • Director/Heads of Fintech
  • Director/Heads of Data Architecture
  • Director/Heads of IT Infrastructure
  • Director/Heads of Banking
  • Director/Heads of Mobile Banking
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Director/Heads of Business Units
  • Director/Heads of Strategy
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